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MelBay Complete Bass Book, Music Notes

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Music Notes • Instrument: Bass • Author: Mike Hiland • Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4) • Pages: 204 • Language: English • Year of publication: 1991 • Including: CD • This book is an A to Z guide for intermediate to advanced bass players. Through finger exercises, rhythm studies, and sight-reading studies, it will help you learn to develop effective bass lines. In addition, you will learn modern bass performance techniques such as slap & pop and right hand hammering. Extensive sections on scales and chord tone studies are provided, as well as instruction on chord progressions and transposition. Presented in standard notation and tablature. The accompanying CD contains many of the exercises and examples in the book. They are played at tempo with a drum machine beat, demonstrating proper execution and making learning more enjoyable. Contents: EXERCISES Left-Hand Technique Right-Hand Technique Playing with a Pick Diagrams Used in This Book Exercises READING Rhythm Studies Sight Reading PLAYING TECHNIQUES Techniques Musical Examples SLAP AND POP Right-Hand Technique Left-Hand Technique Exercises Rhythm Patterns Slap-And-Pop Techniques RIGHT-HAND HAMMERING Right-Hand Technique Left-Hand Technique Right-Hand Hammering Scales and Scale Patterns Using More Than One Right-Hand Finger SCALES C Major Scale Exercises F Major D Minor A Minor Other Scale Types CHORD-TONE STUDIES C Major Chord Tones Chord-Tone Exercises Other Chord Tones Chord-Structure Chart SONG STRUCTURE DEVELOPING BASS LINES How to Do It Chord Progressions Transposing