Meinl MSM2 Miniskin

Meinl MSM2 Miniskin

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  • Material: Natural skin / wood
  • Colour / Finish: Natural
  • External Dimensions: Medium size
  • Special Features: Hand made
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Meinl MSM2 Miniskin · Maracas

Pair of Midi Miniskin Maracas from Meinl MSM2

The MEINL Skin Maracas are entirely made by hand and are offered in four different sizes for a wide sonic range. The two larger models sound especially full and dry, whereas the smaller sized versions produce a very tight and high pitched sound.

Sizes: Mini, Midi, Traditional or Jumbo

Material: Natural skin with a Wooden handle

Maracas · Meinl MSM2 Miniskin

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