Meinl GU6BK

Meinl GU6BK, Guiro

Item number: 100000584
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Guiro • Measurements in cm (W x H x D): 38 x 10.5 cm • Colour / Finish: Black • Material: Plastic • Accessories: Scraper • Plastic Guiro from Meinl GU6BK PLASTIC GUIRO GU6BK The MEINL Plastic Guiro is precision molded from high strength plastic. It features three different striking surfaces and rubber ringed grip holes for maximum comfort and control. It has a slightly dryer and warmer sound than the fiberglass model, yet brighter and louder than a natural gourd guiro. Material: High strength plastic Features: Three striking surfaces Rubber ringed grip holes Includes: Plastic Scraper Colours: BK = Black