Meinl Generation X Tom's Becken Set (14CH/17C/18C)

Meinl Generation X Tom's Becken Set (14CH/17C/18C), Cymbal Set

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Cymbal Set • Article ID: GX-TB14/17/18 • Crash: 17" (43,18 cm) • Crash: 18" (45,72 cm) • China: 14" (35,56 cm) • Finish: Regular • Alloy: FX9 • Production: Machine hammered • 3 piece Cymbalset Meinl Generation-X GXTB141718 Thomas Lang GX-TB14/17/18 17" Kompressor crash 18" Kinetik crash 14" Filter china A complete pre-packed pitch-matched cymbal set-up. It´s a perfect add-on for the existing set-up and includes a 14" Filter china. Kompressor crash 17" GX-17KC Fast response with short decay and short sustain. It produces few tonal characteristics in its release and has a trashy sound. Kinetik crash 18" GX-18KC A full trash-crash with medium sustain. Played with lighter sticks, it turns into a synthetik sounding ride. Filter china 14" GX-14FCH A fast, sharp and almost sinister sound. Quieter than most chinas, they have a short sustain due to the waved edge. The Generation X Tom’s Becken are a pitch-matched range of contemporary crash cymbals that provide acoustic and electronic drummers with modern sounds that resemble artificially engineered cymbal samples. A perfect range for electronic drummers since they are quieter than most crash cymbals. Tom’s Becken are “db compressed” and ideal for rehearsal rooms as well as controlled recording environments (close miking recommended). Their feels is flexible and soft. MEINL´s innovative and award-winning Generation X series cymbals pave the way to a completely new world of revolutionary cymbals. Sound, which are consciously different and aimed towards advanced, experimental and unconventional drummers who are motivated to explore new sound territories. MEINL´s Generation X series cymbals offer contemporary and modern sounds which were designed in cooperation with some of today´s most remarkable drummers.