Maxon OOD-9 Organic Overdrive

Maxon OOD-9 Organic Overdrive, Guitar Effect

Item number: 100056027
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Distortion • Special Features: True bypass • Organic Overdrive Pedal • Drive and Level controls •
Updated version of Vintage OD880 • JRC4558 IC Chip • True Bypass • The Maxon 9-Series OOD-9 Organic Overdrive is an updated version of Vintage OD880 overdrive pedal.Features the JRC4558 IC Chip. Amazingly Transparent, dynamic overdrive with no compression and true bypass switching. Since their introduction in the early 1980's, Maxon 9-Series stomboxes have achieved a legendary status with guitar players. The reasons for this are simple: superior sound quality and innovative features. 20 years later this still holds true. Now available with improved circuitry including true bypass switching, Maxon 9-Series effects pedals remain the standard by which all others are judged.