Maxon FL-9 Flanger

Maxon FL-9 Flanger, Guitar Effect

Item number: 100056012
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Flanger • Special Features: True bypass • Wide operation range • Full frequency response • Tough construction • Zero clock noise • Rate & Depth controls • The Maxon FL-9 Flanger Pedal has a wide operation range and full frequency response. Use the FL-9 Flanger to work with any input signal to create modulation and time-delay effects. Improved construction including through-hole, glass reinforced epoxy PCB's, snap-in PCB connectors, and true bypass switching guarantee trouble free performance while the combination of one Panasonic MN3207 BBD IC and one Signetics NE570 compander provides warm yet crystal-clear flanging with zero clock noise. Rate, Depth and Regeneration controls allow the user to dial in everything from shimmering chorus and vibrato to hollow, metallic overtones to thick, jet-like flanging sweeps.