Maxon D&S II Distortion/Sustainer

Maxon D&S II Distortion/Sustainer, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Distortion • Technology: Analog • Special Features: True bypass • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Distortion and Sustainer Pedal • High output • Overdrive/Distortion combo • Unique germanium diodes • Unique tone control • Wide range of useful tube-like tones • The Maxon Reissue Series D&S II is a distortion and sustainer pedal similar to one originally released in 1974. With its mild drive, relaxed sustain and high output, the D&S II has characteristics between an overdrive and a distortion pedal. This makes the D&S II a perfect stompbox for players who seek a natural-feeling drive sound but who want more drive and output than an overdrive pedal generally provides. Unique to the D&S II is its tone control. Most overdrives and distortion pedals feature hi boost/hi cut tone circuits. The D&S II tone control uses a low range boost/cut circuit for added bottom end. The D&S II's tone circuit features the JRC4558 IC chip, generally regarded as sonically superior to other op amp models. The combination of these two elements creates a pedal with more low-end punch than your typical overdrive.