Maxon AD-999 Pro Analog Delay

Maxon AD-999 Pro Analog Delay, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10017030
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Delay • Technology: Analog • Special Features: Multi Head Tape Echo Simulation • Including: AC Adapter • 900 milliseconds of fat warm analog delay tone • Stereo (wet/dry) outputs • Mechanical true bypass switching • The Maxon AD999 Pro Analog Delay Pedal takes the features of two Maxon delays and combines them into a single guitar effects pedal. Based on Maxon's AD999 circuit and featuring the same four custom-made Maxon MC4107D bucket brigade ICs, the Pro pedal offers the same 900 milliseconds of fat, warm analog delay tone. Stereo (wet/dry) outputs that allow panning of the delay signal to two amps or mixer channels. The Maxon AD999 Pro features a Multi-Head mode operated via three top-mounted mini switches. In Multi-Head Mode, midstream delay signals (taken from the middle of the BBD delay circuit) are added to the normal delay signal to emulate the sound of Tape Echo multi-head operation. These feedback loops can then be selected by the user in a variety of combinations to create complex multi-tap delay repeats and rhythmic delay effects such as triplet- and sixteenth-note rhythms against the main delay repeat. The Multi-Head mode can also create a striking Tape Echo simulation, or it can be used to create ambient effects such as large room and concert hall reverberation.