Marshall JMD 100

Marshall JMD 100, Guitar Amp Head

Item number: 10020899
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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Modelling • Power: 100 W • Channels: 4 • EQ: Bass / mids / treble / presence • Inserts: Series / Parallel • Power Amp Valves: 4x EL34 • Effects: Effects Processer • Impedance: 8/16 ohms • Including: Footswitch • Special Features: Tube amplifier • 100-watt Digital Tube Guitar Amp Head with 16 Digital Preamps and Effects • The hybrid Marshall JMD100 100-watt head amp features an EL34 driven power amp driven by 16 digital preamps designed by Swedish software gurus Softube. The preamps range from clean to crunch to overdrive to lead, with four preamp tones in each category. Other features include built-in effects, including four different delay types with tap tempo, four different modulation types, and reverb. Bass, Middle, and Treble EQ.
  • Power: 100-watts
  • 16 digital preamps
  • Power Amp: 4 x EL34 tubes
  • Four modulation effectsw
  • Delay effects
  • Reverb
  • Noise Gate
  • Series / Parallel effects loop
  • Footcontroller included
  • MIDI In and Thru
  • Emulated Line Output
  • Headphone Output
  • MP3/CD Line In