Mackie SRM450 V2 black

Mackie SRM450 V2 black, Active PA-Speakers

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Active PA-Speakers • Fullrange speaker • Design: Multifunctional cabinet • Internal cross over: Yes • Components: 12" LF- / 1" HF-driver • directional characteristic: 90° x 40° • Power amp output: 300 + 100 W rms • Frequency range: 45 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 10 dB) • SPL ( 1w/1m): 98 dB • Max. SPL ( 1 W/1 m): 127 dB • Special Features: Switchover 75 Hz high pass filter; time and signal controlled stand by; extension slot for electronic modules. • Connections: XLR in/out • Pole flange: Yes • Flyability: Yes • Enclosure: Black Polypropylene • Dimensions (WxHxD): 660 x 390 x 376 mm • Weight: 18,0 kg • 400-Watt Active 2-way Live Speaker with Active Electronic Time Alignment, Light Weight, and Class-D Amplification • Ten years after the maket launch of the SRM450 V2 and the following demand for compact Active PA-Speakers Mackie has now introduced the next generation of the approved active SRM-speaker series. The SRM450 V2 and SRM350 V2 offer a powerful, clearly defined and clean total sound. Like familiar the new compact and very flexible Active PA-Speakers are equipped with numerous practical features. In addition to the original well-known and approved electronics and the polypropylene-chassis the new Mackie models have very effective switch lines, light neodym woofers and titanic compression drivers. The SRM450 V2 is approx. 5kg lighter than its forerunner and is available in the colour Midnight-blue. “The improvements in sound are audible through the complete frequency range: The bass is crunchier, the heights are brilliant and the clearness of the midst has been improved by the experienced EAW-engineers” says John Boudreau, Mackies Brand Group VP. “The original SRMs set the standard in the professional audio industry over a decade ago. The time was right to redefine this standard, why we transformed the new SRM450 V2 series without compromising” Boudreau continues. The SRM450 V2 is equipped with an integrated 300 W Class-D Fast-Recovery-Amplifier for the bass range and a 100W amplifier for the heights. It weighs approx. 18 kg. The SRM350 V2 has a 165 W Class-D Fast-Recovery-Amp for the bass and a 30W amp for the heights. It weighs approx. 12 kg.