Mackie SRM350 V2 black

Mackie SRM350 V2 black, Active PA-Speakers

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Active PA-Speakers • Fullrange speaker • Design: Multifunctional cabinet • Internal cross over: Yes • Components: 10" LF- / 1" HF-driver • directional characteristic: 90° x 80° • Power amp output: 165 + 30 W rms • Frequency range: 61 Hz - 22 kHz (+/- 10 dB) • SPL ( 1w/1m): 96 dB • Max. SPL ( 1 W/1 m): 121 dB • Special Features: Dynamic soft clip limiter • Connections: XLR/¼" combo input; XLR out • Pole flange: Yes • Flyability: Yes • Enclosure: Black Polypropylene • Weight: 11,8 kg • The Mackie SRM350V2 is a lightweight, compact, and powerful PA speaker! Pure studio monitor performance at full-on loudspeaker levels. Order the Mackie SRM350 v2 today and have studio sound onstage. The Mackie SRM350v2 active PA loudspeaker provides power and performance when space is limited. The SRM350v2 provides efficient power: its high efficiency Class-D switching Pulse Width Modulation low frequency amp puts 165-watts into a 10-inch driver, while a 30-watt Class-AB amp powers the titanium dome compression driver for high frequencies. You get ultra-low distortion and amazingly full studio quality sound from the Mackie SRM350V2 speaker, which can also be pole-mounted or used as a wedge floor monitor. The Mackie SRM350V2 includes a Mic/Line input and Thru connector, and weighing only 26 lbs, the Mackie SRM350v2 easy to transport and set up. Most loudspeaker systems mount the high frequency compression driver deep in the enclosure at the end of the horn, causing the high frequencies to arrive at the listener after the lows. This "time smear" distorts the relation of a fundamental tone and it's haromics, mudding the tone, and smearing the stereo image. Mackie has solved this problem in the Mackie SRM350v2 with Electronic Time Correction which delays low frequencies electronically so highs and lows arrive at the audience in their proper time relationship. The Mackie SRM350v2 stereo image is accurate and the audience hears the proper frequency response of the music. The low-frequency amplifier in the Mackie SRM350 v2 also has a Dynamic Bass Boost circuit. Our ears are more sensitive to low frequencies at high volume levels than at softer volumes. This unique circuit in the SRM350 v2 automatically reduces the low frequencies below 70 Hz as the volume of the speakers goes up. This results in improved efficiency for the low-frequency amplifier because it is not wasting power trying to reproduce frequencies we hear better at loud volumes. Instead, the power is used for the frequencies where it is needed, resulting in a louder sound. Ultra-low distortion, outstanding bass extention and wide dispersion mean the Mackie SRM350v2 delivers studio monitor fidelity at sound reinforcement PA system sound pressure levels.