M3C BandinaBox MegaPak 2013 PC

M3C BandinaBox MegaPak 2013 PC, Arranger Software

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Arranger Software • Real Band - sequencer, arranger, composer program • RealTracks - real instruments, recorded by professional musicians • Real Drums - real drums, played by professional drummers • Over 160 RealTracks instruments • 36 bands plus RealDrums Sets 1-6 • All Styles Sets (0-77) • All Melodist Sets (1-8) • Soloist Set 1-11 & 16-20 • The Megapak Band-in-a-box and real volume contains the Megapak Real combos with over 160 RealTracks in 36 bands, plus all style sets 0-77, Soloist Sets 1-11 and 16-20 and Melodist Sets 1-8. The MegaPak is a great starter kit for those who want to experiment with many different styles of music, but not for every song or genre need RealTracks or RealDrums support. band-in-a-Box is the program of world musicians of all styles is used for composing and arranging. With impressive automatic accompaniment functions you create in minutes professional sounding arrangements. Written by musicians for musicians, the arrangements always sound by real musicians, not rigid or computerized. That's the key to the popularity of Band-in-a-Box for live performances, audio production, as learning and training program or just for fun, for hours jamming with a live band at its best. Already with Band-in-a- Box 2012 donated PG Music the program more than 50 new features and improvements and, depending on the version, up to 101 new RealTracks in the fields of jazz, country and rock Pop. Sun Band-in-a-Box was 2012 now VST Plug-In support for each track. Therefore, you can now use a different instrument and effect plug-ins for playing in your songs. Guitar sounds can be individually adjusted with the included guitar amp Simulaton (AmpliTube CS) in more than 150 guitar based RealTracks your musical ideas. Additionally offer Guitar RealTracks a "direct input" (pure guitar signal). Guitar sounds and effects can be generated directly from the guitar amp simulation. And with the new loop (loop) function, you can add loops to other providers at any Band-in-a-Box track. With the new real band 2012 all Band-in-a-Box PC versions also contain their own all-in -One Audio Workstation and intelligent automatic accompaniment. For real band is more than just a full-featured sequencer and digital recording program, it can use with his coming from Band-in-a-box intelligence and the possibility the RealTracks and RealDrums of Band-in-a-Box automatically extensive audio and MIDI arrangements produce. Real Band - sequencer, arranger, composer program RealTracks - real instruments, recorded by professional musicians. The sound is absolutely realistic. RealDrums - real drums, played by professional drummers and dramatically better than previous MIDI drum tracks. Melodist - automatically create complete songs from scratch - including chords, melodies, intro, and even a song title! Soloist - intelligent functions for creating very musical sounding solos. Audio Chord Wizard - analyzed audio recordings and transfers the chords into Band-in-a-Box chord display. Audio Harmonies - erstelt in no time with all the choirs up to 16 voices. Medley Maker - perfect medleys with beautiful transitions in the new key, style and tempo. Style Maker - Create and edit styles itself. DirectX audio effects involve known standard effects to your Band-in-a-box shots. Multi Styles - up to 24 Substyles create a song. Tunes recording with internal sequencer / by Step View / Edit Music in Piano Roll view or Notation Compositions can be printed out - complete with notes, chords, song lyrics and game names. Compositions as graphic files for posting on the Internet store Fullscreen lyrics window allows copy / paste text from writing programs Harmonize the melody or real-time harmonizing melodies played on the keyboard Create & Edit new songs, styles, harmonies, Melodisten or soloists Direct rendering tool for creating audio files or CDs of your songs 'Conductor' function to control Band-in-a-Box in live performance or in jam sessions Many add-ons with new songs, styles, soloists, Melodisten, RealTracks, RealDrums or harmonies available Supports ASIO cards VST interface for tele integration of VST instruments and effects plug-ins 'Scales Wizard' generates scales for any chord progression - ideal for training Band-in-a-box, real band, Megapak Real combos (more than 160 RealTracks instruments in 36 bands plus RealDrums Sets 1-6), All Styles Sets (0-77), Soloist Set 1-11 & 16-20, all melodist sets (1-8), Manual. languages: Manual D, software D / E System Requirements: PC: Windows 2000, XP, Vista / 7 (32 or 64-bit), 500 MB RAM, 400 MB free hard disk space (additional 100 MB per RealDrums / RealTracks and about 11 GB for the Megapak Real combos), DVD drive, PC sound card or MIDI sound module. Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Windows 7