Litecraft Shortnose Silver

Litecraft Shortnose Silver, PAR 64 Can

Item number: 2010013
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PAR 64 Can • PAR 64 package • Design: short • Colour / Finish: Silver • Special Features: including Bulb holder and filter holder •
  • Suitable Bulb 500/1.000 W as Narrow spot, flood, wide flood or a 500 W light reflector with Ray
  • For discos and stage lighting
  • Power supply via 230 V
  • Socket in GX16d ceramics
  • Including Lamp caps and filter holder
  • Dimensions 300 x 270 x 230 mm (without bracket)
  • Weight 1.4kg
models: Silver No.: 2010013 Black No.: 2010014 PAR light: The cradle of all PAR light stands with the American company ALTMAN, the legendary "cans", originally developed for the film industry. But quickly got the upper headlight their place in rock and roll business, and then to begin another triumph by the discos. PAR cans are and remain in every light show / light installation, a "must". Meanwhile, they are also increasingly used in theaters and are becoming increasingly popular in interior decorating. They are available in different versions of flexible lights usually in silver or black.

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