Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla

Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Reverb • Technology: Digital • ToneCore Guitar Pedal with Studio and Amp Reverb Emulations • Mix: Controls the amount of reverb in your signal from dry unprocessed to 100% wet processed • Decay: Controls how quickly the reverb tail fades to silence • Time: Controls the length of pre-delay. This is the amount of delay before the signal hits the reverb chamber • Tone: Adjusts the tonal character of the reverb, from dark and subtle to bright and splashy • Trails Switch: Verbzilla's processing is engaged while in bypass, so reverb smoothly trails away when you kick the effect off • The Line 6 Verbzilla guitar effects pedal brings studio-grade reverb algorithms to your pedalboard. This stompbox has 11 amazing reverb models. Verbzilla delivers everything from classic guitar amp-style spring reverb to dreamy, high-end studio favorites right at the touch of a footswitch.
  • '63 Spring: Based on the sound of a Fender 1963 brown spring reverb head
  • Spring: Studio spring reverb
  • Plate: Studio plate reverb
  • Room: Simulates the acoustic properties of an echo chamber that consists mainly of early reflections
  • Chamber: An elongated ambient space such as a hall, stairwell or elevator shaft creates this reverb
  • Hall: Concert hall or large open space with a strong reverb tail
  • Ducking: Hall but with a ducking effect. The volume of your reverb is "ducked" (reduced) while you're playing, and increases when you stop
  • Octo: Lush ambient space with a harmonized decay whose harmonic denseness is controlled by the time knob
  • Cave: Cavernous echo chamber
  • Tile: Acoustic reflections of a tiled room such as a bathroom with bright early reflections
  • Echo: echo...echo...echo
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