Line 6 Spider IV HD 150

Line 6 Spider IV HD 150, Guitar Amp Head

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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Modelling • Power: 150 W • Channels: 4 • EQ: Bass/mids/treble • Effects: Effects Processer • 150-watt Modelling Amp Head with 16 Amp Models and 20 Effects • 16 amplifier models • 36 presets with FBV shortboard • 400 presets: 200 song-based 200 created by renowned artists • LCD • FX-processor: 20 different effects - 3 simultaneously • Built-in tuner • Frequency compensated headphone output (also usable as a DI out) • CD/MP3 mini-jack • Quick Looper • The Line 6 HD150 is a 150-watt modelling amp head with 16 amp models and 20 effects. The Line 6 HD150 guitar head amp delivers the distinct tones of a celebrated American, British or European guitar amps. Models were inspired by: a Marshall JCM-900, Hiwatt Custom 100, 60's Fender Blackface Twin Reverb, 60's Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb, Vox AC30 Top Boost, Divided by 13 9/15, 50's wide panel Fender Deluxe Reverb, Gretsch 6156, '68 Marshall Plexi 50-Watt, Orange AD30, '68 Marshall Plexi 100-Watt with a Variac and jumped input channels, Diezel Herbert, and Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier. The Line 6 Spider IV HD150 amplifier head has over 500 presets: 300+ presets hand-crafted by 50 rock stars, 200 presets inspired by the best guitar songs of all time, and you can create and save up to 64 of your own user presets.
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