Line 6 Pod Studio KB37

Line 6 Pod Studio KB37, Master Keyboard

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Master Keyboard • Keys: 37 keys • Powerful and versatile USB audio interface MIDI controller keyboard • POD Farm plug-in software with 23 guitar and bass amp models, 29 cabinet models, 64 stompbox and studio effects models, and 6 mic preamp models • Low noise for recording guitar with 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces • ToneDirect monitoring virtually eliminates latency and allows you to record and monitor a fully processed tone • Ableton Live Lite and Reason Adapted sample library software • USB 1.1 / 2.0 recording interface • 37-key, full-sized, velocity-sensitive MIDI controller keyboard • Pitch bend wheel • Octave up / down • Software-assignable controls: modulation wheel, sound select next / previous, 5 transport buttons, 4 buttons, 4 knobs • 44.1/48kHz 16-/24-bit recording • 1/4-inch guitar input, normal or pad • Two balanced XLR inputs with mic preamplifiers • Gain knobs • Phantom power • 1/4-inch stereo monitor input • Two 1/4-inch line inputs • Two balanced 1/4-inch line out • S/PDIF digital RCA output • 1/4-inch stereo headphone out with level control • 1/4-inch expression pedal jack, software-assignable for controlling GearBox wah, volume or sending MIDI to recording programs • 2 1/4-inch footswitch jacks, software-assignable for sending MIDI commands to recording software: start/stop, punch in/out, etc • Assignable VU meters • Near zero latency monitoring • USB bus-powered with LED status indicator • ASIO, WDM and Mac OS X Drivers • The Line 6 POD Studio KB37 is half guitar interface and half MIDI controller keyboard designed to eliminate noise for clearer recordings. The Line 6 KB37 Pod Studio features incredibly low noise for recording guitar, 12dB more dynamic range than similar USB audio interfaces, for clear and dynamic recordings. Plus, its exclusive Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring virtually eliminates latency allowing you to record with amp and effect modelling without loosing tone or feel. Line 6's ToneDirect monitoring allows you to record and monitor a processed guitar tone while virtually eliminating latency. Latency is the delay caused by the time it takes your guitar signal to travel through the USB audio interface, through your computer's processor, through your plug-in software, back through the USB interface, and out of your speakers or headphones. This delay is heard in your monitoring signal that you are playing with and makes recording almost impossible. With a POD Studio KB37 interface, latency is something you won't have to worry about. The Line 6 POD Studio KB37 is a 24-bit / 96 kHz software and hardware recording solution combined with a 37-key MIDI controller keyboard. Line 6 POD Studio KB37 includes an USB 2.0 audio interface with two microphone inputs with 48V phantom power for studio-quality condenser microphones, Hi-Z guitar / bass input, and stereo line inputs for other gear such as keyboards and drum machines. Bundled with the Line 6 POD Studio KB37 is the POD Farm premium tone AU, RTAS, or VST plug-ins, which offers up a collection of classic and modern amplifiers, stompboxes, studio effects, and vocal Mic preamplifiers, so you can achieve virtually any sound imaginable with the Line 6 POD Studio KB37. The heart of the Line 6 POD Studio KB37 is the USB 2.0 audio interface. Besides assigable VU metering, the audio interface features an array of inputs and outputs, so you're ready to record all audio sources. There are two microphone inputs with dedicated gain controls, plus phantom power is available for both of the microphone inputs for your condenser microphones. 1/4-inch high impedance guitar or bass instrument input with 10dB pad is included for directly plugging in a guitar or bass, and a stereo headphone output is available for monitoring while you're laying down tracks. There are also stereo 1/4-inch inputs for line-level gear and 1/4-inch and RCA S/PDIF outputs for monitoring. When it comes time to add virtual instruments to your tracks, lay them down with ease thanks to the built-in 37-key MIDI controller keyboard. In addition to the powerful audio interface, the Line 6 POD Studio KB37 ships bundled with Line 6's enhanced POD Farm tone plug-in software, which can be used as an AU, RTAS, or VST plug-in within your favourite DAW. Line 6 POD Farm software includes killer models of legendary gear, from amplifiers to stompboxes to studio effects and vocal mic preamplifiers! POD Farm includes 18 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabinets, five bass amps, five bass cabinets, 29 stompboxes, and six microphone preamplifiers. You can set up your signal chain as easily as dragging and dropping and create everything from classic tones to wierd original sounds. All of the gear offers total adjustabiltiy, just like the original gear. Line 6 POD Studio KB37 ships bundled with Ableton Live Lite Line 6 Studio Edition 16-track recording software to get you songwriting, recording and remixing immediately. Ableton includes an enhanced audio engine, 64-bit mix summing, new and improved devices, side-chaining, and much more. Reason Adapted Sound Bank instant sample library with a variety of ready-to-use synthesizers, samplers, effects for adding a killer grove or synth part to your songs: multi-sampled pianos, organs, orchestral instruments, drums, percussion and more. Line 6 RiffWorks T4 is simple multi-track recording software designed for instant idea capture with studio-quality mix effects, fade automation and realistic drum tracks. Plus, it includes RiffCaster software for publishing your recordings online, and RiffLink for collaborating online with other RiffWorks users!
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