Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler

Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Chorus • Technology: Digital • Special Features: Incl. Flanger and Vibrato • Modulation Stompbox with Digital Modeling of 16 Vintage Modulation Effects • True Bypass • Stereo In and Out • Batteries or optional power adapter • Connection for optional Expression Pedal • 4 switches • 16 Vintage and new modulation effects • Digital modelling of 16 vintage modulation effects. Including: Uni-Vibe, Phase 90, Leslie, CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, MXR Flanger, Dimension D, Tri Stereo Chorus & Many more • 4 programmable presets • Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler The first great sounding professional guitar effects pedals designed to deliver a wide range of cutting edge and legendary effects tones in a programmable stomp box format. Features: - 4 completely programmable presets available at the tap of a toe. No more need for multiple pedals for multiple effects. - True Bypass switching, so your direct tone is exactly that; direct from your guitar to your amp. - Expression Pedal Input - for real time control of all effect settings. Also the ability to morph between settings lets you create effects not possible with the originals. - Nothing but knobs. No menus, no multiple button contortionist gymnastic moves, just twist and go. - Stereo inputs and outputs - Runs from batteries or optional power adapter. Do you hang out at the airport, just listening to the jet planes woosh-ing overhead? Ever fire up a speaker in a washing machine just to see what it sounds like? Or are you just in love with the sounds of vintage phase shifters, flangers, choruses, and rotary effects? The MM4 Modulation Modeler is the first pedal to give you all those classic sounds, as well as some Line 6 originals in a fully programmable, pro-quality stompbox. The MM4 offers you 16 of the most popular and sought after modulation effects from the sweet warble of modeled tube bias tremolo, through 2 types of rotary speaker, to the rarest stereo choruses from the ´80s. With fully programmable effect parameters and extra control available with the optional EX1 expression pedal, if making things shimmer and shake is your thing, the MM4 may become your favorite tool. All new Line 6 digital models based on* classic effects including: Uni-Vibe, Phase 90, Leslie 147, CE-1 Chorus, MXR Flanger, the incredibly rare Tri-Stereo Chorus, Mutron Bi-phase, and much more. MM4 SPECIFICATIONS: Digital Effects: 16 Factory Presets: 20 User Programmable Channels: 4 Controls: Effect Selector, Speed, Depth, Tweak, Tweez, Mix Additional Controls: Expression Pedal (optional) Mono/ Stereo: Stereo in/ Stereo out Chassis Colour: Blue
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