Line 6 JTV-69 Lake Placid Blue

Line 6 JTV-69 Lake Placid Blue, Electric Guitar

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Electric Guitar • Colour / Finish: Lake Placid Blue • Technology: Solid Body • Body Shape: Modern Strat • Strings: 6 string • Neck construction: Bolt on neck • Frets: 22 • Scale Length: 25,5" (64,77 cm) • Body Material: Alder • Neck: Maple • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Dot inlays • Pickup Configuration: H-S-S (1x Humbucker, 2x Single Coil) • Neck Pickup: Custom Vintage Singlecoil • Middle Pickup: Custom Vintage Singlecoil • Bridge Pickup: Custom Alnico Humbucker • Pickup Selector Switch: 5-way switch • Controls: 1x volume, 1x tone • Bridge / Tremolo: Standard Tremolo • Hardware: Chrome • Special Features: Variax System • The Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax modelling guitar provides all the tones and tunings you need onstage! Line 6 updates the Variax electric guitars to a whole new level with the JTV-69 James Tyler Variax guitar. The Line 6 JTV-69 Variax is an amazing guitar built to the specifications of Californian master luthier James Tyler. The Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax features a beautiful custom alder body, bolt-on maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Unlike previous Variax guitars the Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax features a set of real custom-wound pickups. These pickups arranged in the Humbucker / Single-coil / Single-coil rock and roll configuration have been designed by James Tyler and built to his specifications. Even without the Line 6 Variax technology onboard, the Line 6 JTV-69 Variax is a custom-quality electric guitar on its own. Inside the Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler guitar there's an updated Variax modelling system that lets you reshape your sound and retune your guitar with only the turn of a dial or two. Twist the tone selector dial on the JTV-69 and switch from a 6-string solidbody to a 12-string acoustic, or from a humbucker configuration to a single-coil setup. Applying alternate tunings such as drops, open tunings, and capos via the JTV-69 Variax's second selector wheel up at the neck that lets you instantly switch between 11 tunings without altering either the feel or the tension of your strings. You are not locked into a predefined set of tunings and models with the Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax modelling guitar. Line 6's Workbench software, a free download from Line 6's website, lets you create custom guitar models on your computer and upload them to the Line 6 JTV-69 via a built-in USB port. Define your body style, dimensions, pickup configuration, and define your own custom tunings at the push of a couple of buttons, fretting your guitar, and plucking each string individually. A new Li-Ion battery pack gives you 12 solid hours of playing time. Now, you can take the stage with a guitar shop's worth of instruments and never have to swap out your guitar or its batteries. The Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax modelling guitar has a dedicated Alt Tune knob with 12 settings, including two labeled Model and Standard. Set to Model, the Alt Tune knob accesses the alternate tunings created using Variax Workbench virtual guitar workbench software. These tunings are stored on your Variax's Model knob. Set to Standard, the Alt Tune knob overrides saved tunings to set every model to standard E-to-E tuning. The Alt Tune knob's remaining 10 settings are the most commonly used tunings used by modern metal shredding style guitarists. The Virtual capo feature lets you easily transpose any song to the key that suits your vocalist. And you can adjust your tuning on the fly without having to use Workbench software. The Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax modelling guitar has a redesigned tremolo bridge for improved tone and tuning stability. The tremolo design lets the string go into the bridge through the front of the tremolo, which brings the ball end as close to the saddle as possible, instead of stringing it through the tremolo block. This also makes restringing much easier. The knife edges and tremolo pivot posts were designed to provide nearly zero resistance. Together with locking tuners this gives the standard tremolo bridge much more tuning stability. A Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut keeps the strings from gripping and sticking. James Tyler Custom tremolo bridge is also fitted with an LR Baggs Radiance hex pickup system for sweet acoustic guitar tones. The Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax modelling guitar ships with a durable padded gig bag with a stitched Line 6 logo and two pockets big enough for all your gig essentials. Take the stage with a guitar shop's worth of instruments and never have to swap out your guitar or its batteries with the Line 6 JTV-69 James Tyler Variax modelling guitar. No more carrying acoustics and electrics to gigs or recording studios. Variax gives you an endless variety of sounds from classic acoustic and electric tones all the way to sitar and banjo, all in one guitar.
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