Line 6 DT50 Head

Line 6 DT50 Head, Guitar Amp Head

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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 50 W • Channels: 2 • EQ: Bass, mid's, treble, presence per channel • Inserts: Series • Pre Amp Valves: 2x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 2x EL34 • Effects: Effects Processer • Impedance: 4/8/16 ohms • Special Features: MIDI • 50-Watt/25-Watt Guitar Amplifier Head with Dynamic Analog Circuitry and HD Modelling • The Line 6 DT50 HD Guitar Amp Head is an guitar amp that configures and adapts its analog components and digital modelling in real time. Select a model, the DT50 Amp instantly reconfigures the tube power section to provide the optimal tone. The digital section monitors the tube power section and can adjust the DSP in real-time. At high volumes, the tubes provide more distortion. At low volumes, the modelling delivers more of the colouration. The digital section now “talks” to the analog section, and vice versa. The idea behind the DT50 is that all great guitar tones are based on one of four basic voicings: American clean, English chime, English crunch, and Modern high-gain. The DT50 uses the same ultra-high-resolution HD modelling found in their POD HD effects units to emulate these basic voices, and that's where the modelling ends. The DT50 uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL34 power amp tubes. Front panel switches flip the power amp stage from Class A to Class A/B and from triode to pentode mode. This dynamic analog circuitry lets you completely customize the way the DT50 responds to your playing style. Hook up a POD HD via the L6 LINK connection, and the DT50 will automatically reconfigure itself to match the tone you call up. The L6 LINK also lets you daisy chain multiple DT50 series amplifiers via standard XLR cables. The DT50 is perfect for recording and low-volume rehearsal. Just dial in the low-volume control, and you get the tone you want at the level you need. If you're recording, you can also go directly out of the DT50 via XLR.
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