Lehle Sunday Driver XLR

Lehle Sunday Driver XLR, Little Helper

Item number: 10043908
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Little Helper • Buffer Preamp • Compact high-end preamp • Balanced XLR output • JFET-based circuitry • 2 modes of operation: D Driver and S Sunday • Clean and absolutely free of background noise • Gold-plated switches • Adjustable gain • Voltage internally doubled to 18V • Battery operation possible • The Lehle Sunday Driver XLR is a compact high-end preamp which features JFET-based circuitry and two modes of operation with selection via a gold-plated mode selector switch. The Sunday Driver XLR differs from the Sunday Driver by offering a balanced XLR output. D Driver mode which amplifies the guitar signal with no modification, at the input impedance of a guitar amp, efficiently eliminating losses on the route through leads and effects; the signal remains strong and clear, retaining its full dynamics. S Sunday mode multiplies input impedance by 4, bringing out previously inaudible details and, as gain increases, imparting to the guitar sound a characteristic and unmistakeable warmth. Even at a 15dB gain setting, the Lehle Sunday Driver always stays clean and free of background noise with a studio-standard signal-to-noise ratio of over -100dB. To exploit the dynamics of tube amplifiers to the full, the input voltage is also rectified from the power supply socket, then filtered, stabilized, and doubled to 18V. With its broad output range of 20 to 100,000Hz, the Lehle Sunday Driver, powered by a standard 9V (PP3) battery, can be used anywhere.