LD-Systems MEI 100 X

LD-Systems MEI 100 X, In-Ear Monitoring System

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In-Ear Monitoring System • Stereo/Mono: Mono or Stereo • Switchable Frequencies: Yes • Transmitter design: 9,5"/1HE (212 x 90 x 38 mm) • Display station: Multi-function display • Channel ports: Balanced Neutrik Combo (left/right) • Receiver Display: Multi-function display • Receiver Connections: Mini jack, stereo • including limiting: Yes • Earpiece included: Yes • Additional ear molds: No • Accessories: Optional 19" rackmount kit • The LDMEI-100 is a wireless In-Ear Monitoring System with fantastic sound features which enable optimal hearing due to a corrected frequency response. The LD-Systems has 160 possible frequencies whereas 10 free intermodulation installations can operate at the same time. Due to a limiter at the entrance of the In-Ear Monitoring SystemLDMEI-100, no distortion is possible even if you have an overmodulation of +12dB. This In-Ear Monitoring System operates mono and stereo likewise and is therefore very flexible for several uses like live performances, theatres or speeches. Both the transmitter and the receiver have a multifunctional display which signalises each operation. The LDMEI-100 transmitter also has a headphone output which enables send-site monitoring. Due to optimal power management you can use the battery for a longer period without having to change it. High-quality earphones for the receiver are included. Features at a glance:> LDMEI-100 T Transmitter:>
    Spectrum: 838 MHz to 865 MHz RF Output power: 10 dBm Gain adjustment: 20 dB Max. Audio-Input level: +12 dBV Stereo/Mono switch Input: neutric COMBO symm. (left/right) Size: 212mm x 90 mm x 38 mm Weight: 0,85 kg LDMEI-100 BPR Receiver:>
      Spectrum: 838 MHz to 865 MHz THD: < 1% Audio-Output level: 100mW U 32U Frequency response: 80 Hz to 18 kHz U 3 dB Dynamic: >90 dB, A-weighted Size: 95 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm Weight: 0,57 kg Power supply: 2 AA batteries Durability: > 8 hours