Latin Percussion LP181 Schellenstäbe

Latin Percussion LP181 Schellenstäbe, Tambourine

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Tambourine • Latin Percussion LP181 LP Jingle Sticks Steel jingles set in red plastic LP Jingle Sticks are uniquely versatile jingle instruments. Percussionist can use them to hit cymbals or other percussion instruments. Quick rhythmic patterns can be played easily without the need to manipulate the traditional tambourine. Constructed with our special alloy jingles for sound projection, LP Jingle Sticks use the same patented pinning technique as the Cyclops Tambourine. Each with two rows of jingles, the nickel-plated steel jingle models yield bright tones perfect for live use, while the brass jingle model has a warm tone. LP Jingle Sticks also feature a soft foam grip for added comfort and control.
Latin Percussion