Korg Wave Drum WDXMINI

Korg Wave Drum WDXMINI, Percussion Pad

Item number: 10065863
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Percussion Pad • Chassis type: light and compact • Display: LED • Sounds: 100 ready to play presets from acoustic sounds to synth sounds, 100 rhythm patterns as training material or jam tracks available • Effects: 10 effects presets for creative sound design • Outputs: Headphone (stereo mini jack), output (6.35 mm jack) • Mains adapter: yes • Number of single pads: 1 Multi surface • Stand: no • Special Features: Two simultaneous sounds for impressive performances: First sound playable on dynamic pad, second sound clip on sensor on any surfaces / objects playable. Battery operation for mobile live performances, ideal for street performers • Electronic Percussion Pad Synthesizer with 100 Sounds, 100 Rhythm Patterns, 10 Effects Presets, Onboard Looper, and Built-in Speaker • The Korg Wavedrum Mini providees 100 drum sounds and 10 effects to create drum rhythms. Whether you play with your hands, with sticks, or with brushes, the Wavedrum Mini responds to every nuance. It even comes with a contact microphone that you can clip to anything you'd like to trigger sounds with. Powered by 6 x AA batteries, the Korg Wavedrum Mini also features a carrying strap for ultimate mobility. Wavedrum Mini ships with an AC adapter for battery-free operation.
  • Percussion synthesizer that can be played anywhere, can turn anything into a Wavedrum, and is easy to transport
  • Drum controller provides the closest thing to an acoustic playing experience with electronic percussion
  • High-quality drum and instrument sounds cover every musical genre
  • Battery-powered operation
  • Built-in monitor speaker
  • Onboard 25 second looper for practice or creating deeper rhythm parts
  • Built-in effects with great expressiveness create percussion sounds
  • Built-in sensor can be attached to any object, transforming it into a Wavedrum