Korg Toneworks AX5B

Korg Toneworks AX5B, Multi Effects Bass

Item number: 100030535
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Multi Effects Bass • 58 types of "REMS" modelling effect variations, with up to six simultaneous effects (including noise reduction) plus a volume pedal • 16 drive/amp types and 10 cabinet types that simulate the sound of some of the most sought-after amps • A wide range of effects with quality that rivals dedicated units • Full parameter editing of all effects in four effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb) • An expression pedal that you can use to control volume, wah, or nearly any effect parameter, giving you a virtually limitless range of expressive potential • 80 program memories, with 40 presets and 40 user sound programs that can contain your favorite effect settings • Built-in auto chromatic tuner • Two-way power, use batteries or an AC adapter (sold separately) • The Korg Toneworks AX5B is a portable stombox bass guitar modelling effects processor with REMS amp and cabinet modelling, studio effects, an expression pedal, automatic chromatic tuner with Mute mode for silent tuning, 40 preset and 40 user program locations to save edited effects. Being specifically designed for bass, the AX5B contains 16 bass amp models and 10 bass cabinet models from vintage to industry standards, as well as bass specific effects from the state-of-the-art Korg AX3000B, like the essential compressor to an octaber that adds a ultra-low bottom end. Each effect has an array of parameters and sub-parameters that are easily edited. The built-in expression pedal can control volume, wah, or selected effect parameters. The Korg AX5B is compact enough to fit in the pocket of your gig bag, battery powered (or powered by an optional AC adapter), perfect for gigging or studio.

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