Korg SP-250 BK Bundle I

Korg SP-250 BK Bundle I, Stage Piano

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Stage Piano • Keyboard type: RH3 Hammer action • Keys: 88 keys • sound generation: Stereo Samples • Sounds / Tones: Piano, electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, marimba, acoustic guitar, jazz organ, church organ, strings, choir • Polyphony: 60 voices • Effects: Hall, Chorus with 4 variations • Modes: Dual mode • Metronome: yes • Connections: 2 x Phones, Line out, Sustain • USB / MIDI: MIDI In / Out • Loudspeaker: yes • Power (watts rms): 2x 11 W • Colour / Finish: Black • Dimensions (WxHxD): 129,5 x 14 x 38 • Weight: 19,0 kg • Including: Power supply, music stand, sustain pedal, stand, Users Manual • The Korg SP250 features a third generation 88-note real weighted, graded hammer action keyboard. Combined with a new velocity-switched, multi-strike sampled grand piano, the Korg SP-250 provides the sound and feel of an authentic concert grand piano at a fraction of the cost. Along with the sampled grand piano, the Korg SP-250 includes 12 acoustic and electric pianos, church and jazz organs, mallet instruments, harpsichord, clavinet, choir, strings and guitar, as well as reverb and chorus effects and a buil-tin 2x11-watts sound system. All packaged in steel and wood with an elegant black finish. The Korg SP-250 is primarially a digital grand piano with a PCM sampled grand with velocity switched, mult-strike stereo samples, each longer than any piano in its class, and longer means more realisitc. Equipped with MIDI In and Out, the Korg SP-250 can control other modules or can be used as a 16-part multi-timbral sound source. The Korg SP-250 provides a real piano feel with a third generation 88-note real weighted, graded hammer action keybed. Three dynamic touch curves allow tailoring the keyboard response to various styles and preferences. An included damper-style pedal allows half-pedalling realism. Half-pedaling is a variable damping effect based on how deep you press the pedal rather than the simple on-off switch found on cheaper digital pianos. The included stand is simple and stylish, and fits securely into a recessed area in the bottom of the Korg SP-150 piano for a remarkably solid feel. the stand's lower crossbar prevents the pedal form sliding forward during a performance. the stand can be easliy removed from the SP-250 for transport. The Key Transpose function lets you shift the pitch of the Korg SP-250 digital piano to match the key of a singer, or to play along with an external CD/MP3 source for practicing. You can add an accent to the first beat (with normal or bell sounds), and adjust its volume. There's also a dedicated slider for easy adjustment of the tempo. In addition to equal temperament, the Korg SP-250 digital piano provides the two most common Baroque and Classical era tunings (Kirnberger and Werckmeister) for historically-accurate performances. The Korg SP-250 digital piano incldes a specially designed 2x11-watts sound system with an opimized bass-reflex enclosure for full, rich bass response and airy highs. On-board reverbs make your living room sound like a concert hall, while lush choruses add fullness to your favorite on-board sounds. The effects settings have been optimized for each individual sound with the choice of three levels: Light, Normal and Deep. Designed to be user friendly, the Korg SP-250 has a sleek, intuitive control panel with brilliant LEDs, a music stand, on-board metronome, dual headphone outputs, aux audio output for connecting to a larger sound system. The Korg SP-250 Digital Piano is the perfect answer for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of a lightweight, portable instrument.