Korg Pa3X international 76

Korg Pa3X international 76, Keyboard

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Keyboard • Home keyboard • Keyboard: Velocity sensitive, semi weighted with aftertouch • Keys: 61 keys • sound generation: EDS Technology • Sounds / Tones: Over 1,100 Sounds (including Korg SV-1) • Styles: Over 400 Styles (compatible with the styles of the "i" and "PA" series • Polyphony: 120 voices • Effects: 140 Effects, WAVES Audio Mastering, TC Helicon Vocalist based on Voice Live 2 • Songbook/Music Finder Function: Yes and editable • Sequencer: SMF Player and Recorder (16 tracks) • MP3/WAV Player/Recorder: Mp3 player and recorder • Pedal/Controller Connection: Damper, programmable pedal and EC-5 (optional) • Other Connections: 1 x Phones, Line in, Line out, Sub out, MIC in, USB to Host, USB to Device, Midi (in/out/thru), Digital out • Memory: Internal hard-drive (160 GB SATA), USB Stick • USB / MIDI: USB to Device, USB to Host, MIDI (in/out/thru) • Memory Expansion: Optional (EXB-256) • Loudspeaker: Optional • Display: TFT Colour display (Touch Display) • Colour / Finish: Black • Special Features: Song playback (MP3 or MIDI files) with double-Player • Size (WxHxD): 1192 x 145 x 366 mm • Weight: 14,7 kg • Including: Mains cable, music stand, CD-ROM, user manual • The Korg Pa3X 76 Professional Arranger Workstation is the most realistic, powerful, and easy-to-use arranger workstation ever produced. The elegant aluminum cabinet and inspiring user interface of the Korg Pa3X was conceived to make a strong visual statement by a renowned team of talented industrial designers from Europe. The main panel has been redesigned and optimized to ensure that sliders and knobs are ergonomically and intuitively well positioned to enhance any performance. The graphical user interface is now even easier to read and has been renewed with more detailed icons and objects thanks to the new TFT Graphical Colour Touch Screen. The screen has been enriched with new side tabs for quick access to the most important functions. The new Search feature quickly locates anything needed during live performance. Based on Korg’s sophisticated EDS (Extended Definition Synthesis) Engine, the Pa3X provides truly outstanding new sounds. Korg's RX (Real eXperience) Technology and the DNC (Defined Nuance Control) system refine an already powerful sound engine. Assignable switches and a ribbon strip have been added to the joystick control; the result is deeper control and even richer expression. More than 1,100 sounds, including a new stereo grand piano (with string resonance and damper realism) and new electric pianos from the acclaimed KORG SV-1 stage piano; new wind instruments, basses and stunning guitars; plus new digital drawbars with leakage and key on/off noises provide the perfect sound foundation for any harmonic and melodic need. More than 100 drumkits, including new Real Ambience Drumkits, give life to any rhythmic texture and sound truly authentic due to the Drums Family Easy Editing, which gives total control over volume, pitch, EQ, ambience, and more. The vast 256 MB memory (PCM User memory) can be expanded to a massive 512 MB (when calculated as 16-bit linear data), with the optional EXB-M256 memory expansion board, so custom sounds can easily be added. Another first is the Self-Refresh Memory Backup battery for all factory and user PCM data, making start-up of the Pa3X much, much faster. An intelligent re-charging system ensures the battery is always charged. The internal Sampler is now equipped with a new Sound Compression tool (no loss, 1:2 ratio). The Pa3X can also Load/Import Korg, WAV, AIFF, and Akai samples and export in WAV or AIFF. Sounds can be fully edited, and can now use up to 24 oscillators for each note! Up to 8 Stereo Digital Multi Effect processors can be used at once. Over 140 effect types are available, running from the standard reverbs and delays through to the more unusual effects such as vocoding, as well as the new vintage effects from the acclaimed SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano Some effects are suitable for single instruments while others add the final colouring, space and texture to the overall piece. For the latter, the Korg Pa3X includes effects from an industry leader: Waves Audio. The Pa3X includes the powerful MaxxAudio suite, which has been described as "the next generation of audio processing tools". These onboard effects, which include MaxxBass, MaxxVolume, MaxxEQ, MaxxTreble and MaxxStereo, provide unparalleled performance, delivering sound that is louder, clearer, fuller, and more polished. Korg’s long term cooperation with the world leader in vocal harmonies, TC-Helicon, continues in the Pa3X with the new Voice Processor, recognized as the state of the art in vocal and harmony processing. Up to 4 realistic voices plus 2 doubled harmonies are available and can be controlled by the keyboard, MIDI and even MP3 input. Thanks to the new Audio Chord Detection function, chords can be automatically extracted from an audio file and sent to the Vocal Processor! Other 5 effect blocks are available, including Reverb, Delay , µMod and special FX such as Megaphone and Hardtune. Adaptive Mic Setting is a special feature that puts RX technology to work immediately after connecting the microphone to the XLR/Combo balanced input. This amazing new feature monitors the input signal and auto adjusts parameters such as the Adaptive Gate, EQ, Compression and the De-Esser to make the vocals sound smooth and “studio produced.” Adaptive Mic Setting is unique to Korg in the world of Arrangers! The Pa3X delivers over 400 Styles, straight out of the box. Each one is a fully-realized musical environment dedicated to creating a particular musical style. With so many to choose from the Pa3X can provide instant access to a vast and robust range of musical genres. Each Style features 4 Fill In + Break patterns, one for each variation. The Pa3X holds 1,200 locations for you to save your new Styles and your own settings. The famous Korg XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer Player now supports, in addition to the main music formats, the “+G” format for both MP3 and MIDI files which can be played together. This new feature allows backing sequences to play with enriched lyrics and graphics which can be displayed simultaneously on the on-board TFT display and on an external monitor (with the VIF4 option installed). There is also a Marker Function, allowing direct jumps to a given position in the song. A sophisticated Score Viewer is also available. Two different MP3 or MIDI files can be played simultaneously and both MIDI and MP3 files can be transposed, accelerated or slowed down. Powerful new technology drives the all new Advanced Vocal Remover, allowing vocals to be removed from MP3 files with unparalleled accuracy. More advanced than a simple center-channel cancellation tool, the Advanced Vocal Remover keeps the original stereo image of the song while removing just the main vocals. The enhanced 16 track sequencer allows the most sophisticated levels of sequencing, but also provides quick and easy song creation using the Backing Sequence function. And because the Pa3X is very clever, it can record your entire performance! You can run a song, play the keyboard, sing along and everything will be recorded in MP3 format and stored on an external USB device or in the internal Hard Disk. Korg Pa3X 76 main features: •Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine, including pianos borrowed from the Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano, plus Ambience Drums •Massive internal ROM – plus up to 256 MB of user PCM data (equivalent to 512 MB) –provides an extraordinarily powerful wave memory, delivering the best sound quality possible •Three assignable switches, a four-way joystick, and our unique ribbon strip ensure total control for the many available levels of sound articulation (DNC) •Choose either 61 keys or 76 semi–weighted keys; both with velocity and aftertouch •Elegantly designed and reliable aluminum cabinet •TouchView TFT display; 76-key model features a motorized tilting display •Professional graphic interface with new Search facility for quickly locating musical resources •PaAS High-fidelity, optional amplification/speaker bar with Korg’s own Easy Connect system (no support, cables, or additional power supply needed) •Self-refreshing PCM Data memory backup – supported by our own Intelligent Re-Charge system – ensures fast startup •Improved Style and Performance selection, Over 400 factory Styles; each with 4 variations and 4 Fill Ins + Break, plus 15 user banks for unlimited storage of your favorite customized or user created Styles and settings •Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 for even more realistic guitar parts •Chord Sequencer function records any chord progression on-the-fly •Up to 8 Stereo Effects at once, including flexible Master and Insert routing for Styles and songs. New Vintage Effects from the acclaimed SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano •New TC-Helicon Vocal Processor (VoiceLive2 derived) with dedicated professional effects •Adaptive Mic Setting provides a virtual sound engineer to automatically set the best EQ/Compressor/Gate settings for your voice •Professional Final Mastering tools from “Waves Audio” plugins “MaxxAudio ” suite. •New Double MP3/MIDI files player and recorder with Advanced Vocal Remover. •Enhanced compatibility with Lyrics in graphical format (+G) for MIDI files and MP3 files. •New Audio Chord Detection function that automatically extracts chords to send to the Vocal Processor from MP3 files. •Enhanced sound compatibility for GM songs. •Multi-language extended character set. Lyrics can be showed in their original languages (except the Oriental and the Arabic Languages).