Korg nanoPad 2 black

Korg nanoPad 2 black, MIDI Controller

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MIDI Controller • Pad controller • USB Drum Pad Controller with 16 Velocity-sensitive Pads and X-Y touchpad - black • Mini USB Pad Controller • 16 pads with access to 64 MIDI notes • X/Y-Pad with new functions: Hold, Gate ?Arp and Touch Scale • 4 user presets • The Korg nanoPad 2 USB MIDI drum pad controller features 16 responsive and expressive percussion pads. Four user-programmable Scenes give access to 64 pad assignments. New features of the nanoPad 2 include Touch Scale function which plays notes and scales from the X-Y pad. Assign chords to any pad to control any software instrument not only drums. For recording and live performances the Gate-arp function plays tempo-sync'd phrases and rhythms just by holding a pad or touching the X-Y pad.