Korg nanoBag

Korg nanoBag, MIDI Controller

Item number: 10013939
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MIDI Controller • Accessories • Accessory Bag for Korg Nano MIDI Controllers: Nanopad, nanoKEY, nanoKONTROL • 3 separate pockets that can accommodate a nanoKONTROL, nanoKEY, or nanoPAD • Extra pocket for cords and/or nanoHub • Zips up for security • Fits three Nano Controllers • Practical folding bag • Includes 4-port USB hub • Additional storage compartment for additional accessories and Cable & USB Hub • Stable Robust material • The Korg nanoBag is a soft but durable controller bag that is a perfect carrying case for a Korg nanoKONTROL, nanoKEY, or nanoPAD. The nanoBag provides protection while carrying any of these popular Korg MIDI controllers. With 3 separate slots, the nanoBag also is capable of accommodating all three nanoSERIES controllers at once. There is also a fourth pocket for holding cords or a Korg nanoHUB. The Korg nanoBag folds in half and zips shut for security.