Korg AX3000G

Korg AX3000G, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Floorboard • Modelling: 16 types of amp, 11 Box types, 11 Pedal types, 11 Delay types • Amp modelling: yes • Tuner: yes • Drum machine: no • Expression pedal: yes • Inputs: 6,3 mm jack for Guitar and 3,5 mm for AUX-In • Outputs: Stereo jack and S/PDIF output • MIDI: yes • USB Port: no • Headphone Jack: yes • Presets: 32 Presets; 96 user memory slots • Dimensions W/H/D: 500 x 241 x 72 mm • Weight: 3,6 kg • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Including: incl. mains adapter • The Korg AX3000G contains 72 types of amp models and effect sounds delivered by Korg's world-acclaimed REMS modelling technology. Korg's REMS models a vast choice of vintage and modern guitar amps and cabinets, as well as providing guitar effects like chorus, delay and reverb. All the usual Korg suspects, including some new ones like a modelled guitar syntheziser, an auto-wah Filtron, an acoustic effect that modifies your electric guitar tone into an electro-acoustic's, pick-up modelling to alter the tonal character of your pick-ups without switching guitars. The Korg AX3000G also provides send/return jacks that make it easy for you to connect your favorite effect unit. There's even a S/PDIF optical digital output jack so you can digitally record your playing without losing any of the amazing sound produced by Korg's REMS. Asign the Korg AX3000G pedal to effects parameters for extreme expressive control. For example, assign the pedal to control the delay time of the Echo Plus tape echo effect to control the delay time. The Korg AX3000G offers a knob-based interface for quick, intuitive editing. Select an effect model by turning the effects select knob, then edit the effect by turning the knobs of the analogue-style interface. Effects parameters are shown on the panel as a clear, understandable matrix. The Korg AX3000G MIDI I/O receives program change messages and transmits MIDI messages in response to the pedal changes. You can control the AX300G from DAW software in software based recording. The Korg AX3000G has an AMP/LINE selector to eq the output for an amp, mixer or recorder. The 4 EQ settings are AP1 for open-backed US combo, AP2 for an opened-backed UK combo, AP3 for a stack with 4x12 cabs, and Ln for use as a line ouput to go directly to a mixer or recorder or input of a guitar amp. The Korg AX3000G is road-worthy and gig-proof, housed in a metal chassis with a backlit LCD for easy visibility, and chuncky knobs.