Korg AW-2G

Korg AW-2G, Tuner

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Tuner • Instrument: Guitar and bass • Design: Clip-on • Chromatic: Yes • Metronome: no • Clip-on tuner • Large terminal with integrated piezo pickups, the only decreases the vibration and resonance of their instrument • The tone detection works flawlessly even in acoustically noisy environments • To match any pitch by wide calibration range (410 - 480 Hz in 1 Hz steps) • Scale: well temperament chromatic • Range: (from A0 (27.50 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz) • 3 lighting modes: "soft", "Auto" and "Off" • Korg's AW-2G is an excellent clip-on guitar tuner. With its double ball-joint and adjustable-angle clip pad, you can easily clip the AW-2G chromatic tuner to a variety of different headstocks and position it into a comfortable spot for viewing. The tuner's display can swivel from side to side, so you an tune invisibly onstage, swivelling it behind your guitar's headstock. The AW-2G features an internal backlight, for low-light stages. You can tune with the internal microphone or with the Korg AW-2G's vibration-sensing Piezo sensor. The Korg AW-2G features a tuning range of A0 to C8 and it features special markings to indicate pure major third and minor third intervals. With the Korg AW-2 tuner's calibration function, you can accommodate a variety of concert pitches, if necessary. The Korg AW-2G tuner is powered by an included CR2032-type lithium battery, and with the backlight off, the battery life is an amazing 150 hours. Auto Power Off maximizes the battery life and a Memory Backup function is also included. KORG AW-2G CLIP-ON CHROMATIC GUITAR TUNER FEATURES Adjusts to discreetly fit a variety of guitar headstocks. Two tuning methods: internal microphone or vibration-sensing piezo sesnor. Internal 2-brightness backlight for onstage visibility. Tuning range of A0 to C8 with markings for pure major / minor third intervals. Calibration accommodates a variety of concert pitches. Features markings for pure major and minor third intervals. Scale: 12-note equal temperament. Tuning Range: A0 27.50Hz to C8 4186Hz. Precision: +/- 1 cent. Reference pitch: 410-480Hz in 1Hz steps. Dimensions: 2.28" W x 1.02" D x 0.55" H. Battery life: 150 hours backlight unlit; 75 hours backlight soft; 20 hours backlight auto. Included items: CR2032 lithium battery 3V, Instrument clip.