Keith McMillen QuNexus

Keith McMillen QuNexus, Master Keyboard

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Master Keyboard • Keys: 25 keys • 25-key MIDI CV Controller with Smart Sensor Keys, Polyphonic Aftertouch, and Pitch Bend Pad • The 25-key Keith McMillen QuNexus controller provides control of MIDI, Control Voltage, OSC, and USB devices. The QuNexus' 25 Smart Sensor keys recognize pressure, location, and playing velocity. The lluminated keys change colour depending on pressure. The keys can be mapped to trigger or control certain parameters depending on the pressure you play the key. Besides pressure, the QuNexus keys react to the location and tilt of the key. Rock the key back and forth to control a mapped function. Control modular synthesizers with the two CV/Gate inputs and Gate and three CV outputs (16-bit).
  • Versatile multi-function 25-key keyboard controller
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • Control MIDI, Control Voltage, OSC and USB from a single controller
  • Plug into an iPad with an optional Apple Camera Connector
  • Control modular synthesizers with the CV inputs and outputs
  • Smart Sensor keys are velocity, pressure, and location sensitive
  • Octave selector buttons and 7 octave range
  • Create a step sequencer or arpeggiator with LED feedback
  • Illuminated keys give performance feedback
  • Toggle/hold feature to build chords
  • Plug and Play: USB powered, no drivers needed
  • Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Linux
Keith McMillen