Jupiter JFL510E C-LOOP

Jupiter JFL510E C-LOOP

  • Tuning: C
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Headpiece material: Nickel silver, plated
  • Head: Waveline
  • Lip plate material: Nickel silver, plated
  • Lip plate: Oval
  • Body material: Nickel silver, plated
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver, plated
  • Mechanics: Y-Mechanic
  • Keys: Closed keys
  • E-Mechanism: Yes
  • Offset G: Yes
  • Foot: C Foot
  • Accessories: Jupiter case, stand and care set
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Jupiter JFL510E C-LOOP · Transverse Flute

The JFL510E (formerly JP-510E) is a fully equipped Flute: C- foot, E-Mechanism, and as a world first, even trill keys in this design. It has the bow of the original WAVELINE patent. This shortens the flute structurally so that a fatigue-free, comfortable and healthy flute playing is possible. The WaveLine bow ensures perfect balance and a rich, low-noise sound. Optionally, a kit is available that allows the C-Loop to be transformed in an instant into a straight flute

Jupiter Waveline
A relaxed playing position, a straight back and relaxed breathing are the base for a lively sound shaping as well as the joy of making music.
Musical instruments, which are oriented on the body structure of the musician, are an important prerequisite for this. A transverse flute of traditional construction can lead to problems, depending on age and body size, which restrict the enjoyment of playing music.
The need for a child-friendly flute led to the development of a flute with a bent head piece in the 1980s with Jupiter. This so-called "U-head flute" made it possible for younger children to have a proper access to flute playing.

With the new loop concept and the patented Waveline ™ pads, Jupiter has consistently developed the principle of child-friendly music.
The result is a series of flutes, which adapt to the requirements of different performance levels and body sizes with its different instrument lengths.

The most important feature of the JUPITER Waveline flute is the characteristic bow with the original WAVE-LINE patent. This design allows children from the age of 5 to play the flute effectively. The uniqueness of this flute convinces not only leading teachers and flute teachers: In 2013, the Waveline flute with D-foot received the "Red Dot Design Award".

Transverse Flute · Jupiter JFL510E C-LOOP

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