JBL VRX932LA, Passive PA-Speakers

Item number: 2410370
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Passive PA-Speakers • Line Array • Design: Trapezoid cabinet • Components: 12" LF- / 1" HF-driver • Power (watts rms): 800 W • Impedance: 8 ohms • Frequency range: 75 Hz - 20 kHz (+/-3 dB) • SPL ( 1w/1m): 95 dB • Max. SPL ( 1 W/1 m): 130 dB • directional characteristic: 100° x 15° • Internal cross over: yes, active/passive switchable. • Connections: Neutrik Speakon • Enclosure: Multiplex, black lacquer • Flyability: Yes • Pole flange: Yes • Special features: Integrated hardware for fly mounting two or more systems • Dimensions (WxHxD): 579 x 349 x 381 mm • Weight: 21,8 kg • Features:
  • 2-way fullrange in vertical line array technology
  • Components: Neodymium 12” woofer as well as three 1“ HF-tweeters on a 100° x 15° horn
  • Power rating 800 watts/rms
  • Sensitivity 95 dB (1 W/1 m)
  • Max.SPL 130 dB (1 m)
  • Impedance 8 ohms
  • Frequency range 75 Hz - 20 kHz (+/-3 dB)
  • Dimensions: 579 x 349 x 381 mm
  • Weight 21.8 kg
  • Multiplex enclosure is sealed with black, extremely durable structure lacquer
  • Integral rigging hardware to connect two cabinets
  • 2 x speakon connections
  • 35 mm dual-angle pole socket
Continuing JBL’s tradition of groundbreaking products, the VRX932LA Constant Curvature Line Array, features the performance of large venue line arrays in a compact 12" two-way format that provides outstanding coverage and coherence. JBL’s VERTEC® Series Line Arrays lead the industry in large venue sound reinforcement. While intended for smaller venues, the VRX932LA is designed and built to the same high standards as VERTEC and uses the same advanced, concert-proven drivers. The VRX932LA delivers extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility and, of course, stunning JBL sound in an attractive, easy to handle and affordable package. JBL’s exclusive Constant Curvature highfrequency waveguide mounts three compression drivers on a continuous arc enabling the drivers to work together acoustically as if they were a single driver. This dramatically increases the power handling and acoustic output when compared to a single driver system. As additional enclosures are added to the array, the uninterrupted, continuous arc is extended with all of the drivers working together seamlessly as if they were one. The Constant Curvature Array technology provides unprecedented output coherence and stunningly clear high frequency sound quality regardless of the configuration. The VRX932LA uses “amplitude shading” to shape the coverage of the array. The Array Configuration Selector allows amplitude shading to be employed without bi-amplification or multiple amplifier channels. To keep weight at a minimum, VRX932LA feature JBL’s patented Differential Drive woofers with light weight neodymium magnets. Dual voice coils in the Differential Drive woofer design deliver greater power handling and reduced weight while maximizing the performance of each driver. The super lightweight neodymium magnets are actually inside the voice coil of each driver. In addition to flying applications, one or two VRX932LA speakers may be mounted onto a tripod or subwoofer and pole. By attaching the optional Array Frame to the bottom enclosure, the VRX932LA’s ingenious cabinet design allows up to four speakers to be ground stacked to create an up-firing array.