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Tuner Tama TW200 Tension Watch

Tama TW200 Tension Watch

  • Feature1: Drum Tuner
  • Tuner for Drum Heads
  • Instrument: Drums
  • Design: others
  • Chromatic: No
  • Metronome: no
  • for precise tuning of all kinds of drum heads
  • improved design
  • Detachable position ring for absolutely uniform tuning results
  • better readable digits

Tama TW200 Tension Watch · Tuner

Almost every drummer has a tuning keys of some kind, whether as a normal or crank key. Tama offers the Tension Watch, a very special tuning accessory. The Tension Watch measures the surface tension of the skin. In practice, this means that the Watch is put on the skin and a relative reading can be read on a dial. Based on this value, it is possible to note the tuning with a hand full of numbers. For fast tuning between two songs on the stage certainly not suitable, but a sure guarantor, to be able to reproduce the found tuning agin and again.

The Tama Tension Watch II is compact and easy to read. Its (detachable) plastic ring ensures an always identical distance between the measuring tip and the tensioning strip when tuning. This means that the same tension can be easily adjusted on each screw. The result is an all-round perfect tuning for optimal sound.


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