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Reeds and Accessories Reeds Brand Arundos Series Manon Reed thickness
  • 1,5

  • 2,0

  • 2,5

  • 3,0 mm

  • 3,5

  • 4,0

Arundos Manon

The Manon reeds from Arundos convince with their excellent response. In addition, they allow easy staccato and flexible legato in all registers. The sound is particularly full and brilliant.

The high manufacturing standard of every single reed guarantees the best playing and sound properties. These blades were developed for the ambitious student up to the demanding semi-professional.

Before the Arundos reeds are processed, the cane is selectively sorted in advance and only flawless material is used for processing. Strict quality standards also apply to the manufacture of the sheet so that a consistent result is achieved.