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Transverse Flute Pearl Flutes Quantz PF-525 E
Transverse Flute Pearl Flutes Quantz PF-525 ETransverse Flute Pearl Flutes Quantz PF-525 ETransverse Flute Pearl Flutes Quantz PF-525 E

Pearl Flutes Quantz PF-525 E

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  • Tuning: C
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Headpiece material: Nickel silver
  • Head: Straight headjoint
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (925)
  • Lip plate: Largo
  • Body material: Nickel silver
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver
  • Mechanics: french style keys
  • Keys: Closed keys
  • E-Mechanism: yes
  • Offset G: yes
  • Foot piece: C Foot
  • "Pinless"-Mechanism and "One-Piece-Core-Bar" construction
  • Including: Case with cover and shoulder strap, wiper, cleaning agent

Pearl Flutes Quantz PF-525 E · Transverse Flute

Pearl Flute Quantz PF525 E

The 525 Series has a Sterling Silver Lip and Riser, with Silver Clad Head joint, Body, Foot joint and Keys. Offset Covered keys, Offset G, E mechanism, open tone holes
The Quantz Series embodies ingenuity. Only this line of flutes covers as much diversity of flute-making talent. Aspiring flautists have never been so fortunate.

Every Quantz model has French Pointed Arms. Once considered solely the domain of handmade flutes, it is now universally provided by Pearl. French Pointed Arms afford unmatched quickness of speed. When this is matched with our patented Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar Construction, the combinations are dramatic. After all, at this time, the Pearl Quantz Series is still the only flute to use these features on every one of their flutes - an industry hallmark!

However, the most striking feature of a Pearl Flute is sound, and artists continually remark about the beauty and subtlety of the Quantz Series. This is further enhanced by Pearl’s equal dedication to rock solid intonation.

Pearl Flutes Quantz
The Quantz series embodies genius, innovation and diversity and is unique in its kind. Each Quantz model has a ponted key mechanism. While this feature was previously reserved for handmade flutes, these are already present with all Pearl flutes. The patented "pinless" mechanics and "one-piece core bar" construction are standard throughout this series. This simple but ingenious invention provides the pupil and amateur flautist with efficient and reliable mechanics.

The transverse flutes from the Quantz series are available with two different head pieces: the largo head piece and the forza head piece!
The Largo headpiece offers a clear and flexible sound. It allows a great colour range in all registers.
The forzak headpiece offers a powerful, warm and dark-centered sound with light response.


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Pearl Flutes


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