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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

You can choose from the following payment options:

Amazon Pay
Credit card
Payment in advance

Method of payment Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

With an Amazon Pay Account, you can make secure purchases from our website, without having to re-enter your payment information. Also, there is no cost to you when you make a purchase using Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay keeps your financial information private, and you are not required to disclose your financial information stored in your Amazon account when you make a purchase.

If you already have an Amazon account, an Amazon Pay Account has been automatically created for you, and will be activated when you make your first payment on Musik Produktiv.

Method of payment PayPal


PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to pay at online stores safely, easily, quickly and for free.

  • Safe: Your bank or credit card details are stored only on PayPal. Therefore, they are re-sent over the internet during an online shopping transaction.
  • Simple: Pay in two clicks. Because you rely on your deposit or credit card data stored with PayPal, credit card information is never shared during any subsequent purchase.
  • Fast: PayPal payments are quick. The seller can ship the goods immediately.

PayPal Register now and use PayPal:

  • Sign up for a PayPal account at www.paypal.com.
  • Link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account.
  • And you can pay with PayPal.

Method of payment Credit card

Credit card

We accept Visa and MasterCard. To guarantee a secure processing of your credit card payment Musik Produktiv works together with Unzer.

Credit Cards

The payment provider guarantees:

  • Technical security of the payment by using the latest encryption methods.
  • Absolute data protection as the personal data is only used for the purchase process and is not stored in the store's database.
  • Fast payment processing thanks to high performance and availability.

At the end of your order, simply enter your credit card number, expiration date, and the card verification code (CVC).

Method of payment Payment in advance

Payment in advance

If you choose prepayment, we will send you an e-mail order confirmation and proforma invoice.

Please transfer the invoice amount stating the order number found on the proforma inoivce.

Your goods will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment.

Note: Paying via advance payment usually takes significantly more time than other methods of payment, typically 7-8 days.

Method of payment AlmaPay


The payment in several times/deferred is available via our partner Alma. The security of the payments is ensured by Alma and its providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure.

Amount of purchases
  • P2X : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.
  • P3X : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.
  • P4X : Only purchases between 50 € and 2 000 € are eligible for payment with Alma.

By paying in installments with Alma, the Customer does not pay any fees.
Alma is a telepayment manager and issues an electronic certificate that will be considered as proof of the amount and date of the transaction.

Any termination of the T&Cs between the Seller and the customer will result in the termination of the UGCs between Alma and the customer.