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  • Alexander

  • Amptweaker

  • BBE

  • Beetronics

  • Boss
  • Carl Martin

  • Death By Audio

  • EarthQuaker Devices
  • Electro Harmonix
  • Ernie Ball

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  • Fortin

  • Foxrox

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  • Gamechanger Audio

  • Heet Sound

  • Hotone

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  • Singular Sound

  • Source Audio

  • Strymon

  • Tone City

  • Walrus Audio

  • Wampler

  • Way Huge

  • Z.Vex

Effect Type
  • Acoustic Simulator

  • Auto Wah

  • Bit Crusher

  • Buffer

  • Drag

  • Drum Maschine

  • Electronic Bow (Ebow)

  • Equalizer

  • Killswitch

  • Multiband Processor

  • Noise Gate

  • Octaver

  • others

  • PWM Synth

  • Ringmodulator

  • Rotary

  • Synthesizer

  • Talkbox

  • Tremolo and phaser

  • Tremolo mit Reverb

  • Uni-Vibe / Vibrato

  • Analog

  • Digital

  • analog/digital

Housing size
  • Mini

  • Standard

  • Medium Size

  • Big Size

Mono / Stereo
  • Mono In, Mono Out

  • Mono In, Stereo Out

  • Stereo In, Stereo Out

  • Mono In, Dry+Fx Out

Bypass Mode
  • True bypass

  • Buffered Bypass

  • True bypass or buffered bypass

Other Guitar Effects

In this category you will find the following pedals: Talk boxes and voice effects. The classic talk box consists of a heavy-duty high / midrange driver, which is located in a closed housing. The driver is fitted with a flange onto which a hose can be connected. The traditional Talkbox is run between the speaker output of the amplifier and the speaker. When the talk box is activated, the signal of the amplifier via the hose to the mouth can be formed and must be amplified by a microphone. The easier to handle variation are boxes that contain a small amplifier and are connected to a Guitar amp. Or even pedals that can produce synthetically formed speech-like sounds. Noise Gates and Noise Filters are used primarily to suppress noises such as hum, single coil hum and high-frequency interference from the signal filtering. Simple noise gates operate as a kind of electronic switch, the signal is muted at a user defined level. Complex devices work, not only by level but also depend on the frequency so as not to cut off the signal of the decaying guitars for example. The E-Bow (Energy-Bow) generates a magnetic field wich causes a guitar string to vibrate, similar to a violin bow. It can generate endless standing flute-like sounds or controlled tipping in the overtones. The E-Bow is simply held over the corresponding string.