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Electric Bass Guitar Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKG
Electric Bass Guitar Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKGElectric Bass Guitar Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKGElectric Bass Guitar Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKGElectric Bass Guitar Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKGElectric Bass Guitar Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKG

Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKG

(2 Ratings)
  • Body Shape: Modern Double Cutaway
  • Body Material: Ash
  • Technology: Solid Body
  • Colour / Finish: Black
  • Neck construction: Bolt on neck
  • Scale: Long scale
  • Scale Length: 34" (864 mm)
  • Neck: 5 piece Maple
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Frets: 24
  • Fretboard Inlays: Block inlays
  • Strings: 4 string
  • Serial number: 19591
  • Pickup type: MM style
  • Bridge Pickup: EMG 40DC
  • Controls: 1x Volume, 1x Tone, Seriell/Parallel Switch, Esh-Tronic
  • Hardware: Cosmo Black
  • Including: Hardcase
  • Weight: 4,54 kg
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Esh Stinger I Monster Green SBBLKG · Electric Bass Guitar

The entry-level model in the Esh class is based on a simple, straightforward design, exquisite woods and high-quality hardware

The traditional VARIOUS and SOVEREIGN models are fitted with an innovative neck-mounting system, the "semi-through neck" (the design is also referred to as a "half-through neck") and the advantages of a continuous neck (sustain and stability) the U / C Bolt On System (Ultra-Contact) by Christof Kost has been enhanced and patented to increase the internal vibration of the instrument best of both worlds of neck design: instant attack with exceptionally long sustain. Due to the high effort, only very few manufacturers use this method.

The so-called Eshtronic offers the most sophisticated possibilities: there is the direct "studio mode" without sound control, then sound control is activated, and then the possibility to mix the piezo in or even use it completely on its own.

Here is the almost legendary signature model of the Type o Negative front man Pete Steel, with a green pickup cap and green inlays. Type o negative style.

Esh Stinger
Esh basses have something which not many Basses can claim, namely its optic and sound design.

Optically these Basses indulge clearly in dark, bleak aesthetics and soundwise there is, positively meant, a certain hard and gloomy coldness about them. Due to the described technical finesse and sophisticated Esh-Tronic this sound aesthetic is almost playfully achieved so that one almost wonders how a bassist ever coped before without a Piezo pickup.

All this paired with an incredible sustain, this bass sounds like an old mouldy church organ in an abandoned cemetery church. Even for non-gothic metallers this trip is recommended.


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(2 Ratings)
4.5 out of 5 stars
Over all impression
Value for money

Great look and feel

DutchToN on 28.09.2020

I bought this bass in May 2020 and had the standard tuning (EADG) switched to BEAD, like it should be considering the Type O Negative heritage. The bass looks and feels great, even better then most pictures because the neck is also finished in satin matt black. I have bought the bass because I am a huge ToN fan, but have only been playing bass for 1,5 years. I still have issues with the B string intonation and mastering the esh-tronic. I am considering to take it to a local shop for a proper set-up.
The case is a budget one. But since I have the bass hanging from the wall, that's no issue.
The Schaller strap locks are great.
There are no manuals included (which would be helpful)
Still, a great bass, great tone and a great legacy!

Over all impression
Value for money

Can you ship to USA??

User on 05.08.2020

Would love to purchase but need shipping to USA

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