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Electric Guitar Strings Elixir Optiweb Light 010-046
Electric Guitar Strings Elixir Optiweb Light 010-046Electric Guitar Strings Elixir Optiweb Light 010-046

Elixir Optiweb Light 010-046

  • Strings: 6 string
  • String gauge: 010 - 046
  • Material: Coated Nickel Plated Steel
  • E1 String: .010p
  • H2 String: .013p
  • G3 String: .017p
  • D4 String: .026 W
  • A5 String: .036 W
  • E6 String: .046 W
  • Special Features: Optiweb Beschichtung

Elixir Optiweb Light 010-046 · Electric Guitar Strings

Elixir strings are one of the most popular guitar and bass strings. Due to their poly- or nanoweb coating, they are very durable. However, some guitarists have problems with the slightly different feel and the small sound difference to uncoated strings. The Elixir Optiweb strings create a remedy here: the new coating has the same feel and the sound difference to conventional strings no longer exists. The Optiweb Light set is supplied in thickness 010-046.

Elixir Optiweb
The Elixir Optiweb Series combines the touch and feel of conventional guitar strings with the durability of coated strings.


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