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Harmonicas Diatonic Harmonicas Brand C.A. Seydel Söhne Series Blues 1847 Classic Low Key
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  • B / H

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  • C#/Db

  • D

  • D#/Eb

  • E

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  • F#/Gb

  • G

  • G#/Ab

  • LLE

  • LLF

  • LLF#


C.A. Seydel Söhne Blues 1847 Classic Low

The Blues 1847 Classic Low is the next generation of low-harmonicas from Seydel.

Now there is the 1847 CLASSIC tuned one octave lower in a new design with 20% thicker body and deep-drawn sound covers. The range of keys ranges from LF # (low fis) down to LLE (double low E). Thus, Seydel complements the most popular 1847 models with stainless steel reeds right into the extreme bass range.

The double-deep tuned models (LL) are even two octaves lower than normal tuning: SEYDEL's 1847 LLE is thus the lowest Richter harmonica in the world.

Low-tuned harmonicas have a much more sonorous, slightly softer, unobtrusive sound compared to 'normally' tuned models and are therefore often used for accompaniment (for chords and bass lines) or as solo instruments. Especially when playing with an amplifier, your sound reminds you of a tenor saxophone, a trombone or even a tuba. This greatly expands the range of use of the harmonica and opens up many new possibilities for the player.

In order to elicit the desired sound from the deeply tuned instruments, the tones need volume: the reeds must be provided with a sufficiently large resonance chamber and only then does the instrument sound correspondingly fat and loud. The new, about 20% thicker, body made of sealed walnut and the higher sound cover helps. Special valves ensure very good airtightness even in extremely deep areas.

This design change has a positive effect on the sonority and tone control of the 1847 Low. On the one hand, the player is encouraged to open his mouth slightly wider than normal during play, which automatically provides the tone with a larger volume of resonance. On the other hand, the larger-volume mouth openings significantly improve the air flow, especially for the low notes. The sound gains in volume and articulates much better.

Thanks to the deep-drawn sound cover annoying click sounds are finally a thing of the past and the sound projection towards the listener is greatly improved.