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  1. 1974 First shop in Ubostrasse.
  2. 1976 Move to Laggenbecker Str.
  3. 1978 First MP catalog published.
  4. 1979 Move to Gildestrasse.
  5. 1981 First Edition of our "Handbook".
  6. 1995 Move to Fuggerstrasse.
  7. 1998 First online shop goes live.
  8. 1998 First Musik Produktiv exhibition.
  9. 2000/2001 Extension work at Fuggerstrasse.
  10. 2002/2003 Construction of shipping area.
  11. 2006/2007 Remodelling of the store after a fire.
  12. 2010 Opening of the Guitar Gallery

Back in 1974 the guitarist Günter Zierenberg had no desire to pay outrageously high prices for instruments and amplifiers. So he applied for a buisiness license and opened an MI shop in an old dairy in rural Ibbenbüren. His business plan was to drive a van to the UK, back then the low price source for music gear, buy the gear and sell it in Germany. The plan worked as an amplifier that sold for DM 1000 in Germany would typically cost DM 600 in the UK. Plus there was a significantly better range of products available in London than in Germany. Günter sometimes literally sold the product from the back of his van on returning from London. The business grew, and the dairy became too small.

Four decades and three moves later, and Musik Produktiv is one of the largest European music stores. The business plan remains the same: to offer musicians the best possible prices without compromising service, advice and choice. In recent years as the business has moved to the internet, the warehouse, shipping department, and call center has been expanded. The bricks and mortar business has been developed with air conditioned rooms for fine guitars and amps and demo rooms for electronic drums.

Musicians from all over Europe find their way to Musik Produktiv for its selection of instruments. Where else can you choose from ten different Gibson ES335s in Tobacco Burst and then enjoy an espresso in our coffee shop? A spa for musicians, so to speak.

However, as all paths do not lead to rural Laggenback, our internet shop allows musicians from all over Europe access to the extraordinary range of musical instruments available at Musik Produktiv. No more vans to the UK, as we are just a mouse click away.

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