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Drum Machine Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner
Drum Machine Boss DR-01S Rhythm PartnerDrum Machine Boss DR-01S Rhythm PartnerDrum Machine Boss DR-01S Rhythm PartnerDrum Machine Boss DR-01S Rhythm PartnerDrum Machine Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner

Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner

(6 Ratings)
  • Product code: DR-01S
  • Voices: 24
  • Resolution: 24 bits
  • Userpattern: 50
  • Outputs: 3,5 mm Mini Jack
  • Mains adapter: Optional
  • Special Features: easy to use rhythmbox with great sound especially for acoustic-musicians

Boss DR-01S Rhythm Partner · Drum Machine

  • Packed with simple and tasteful grooves to support all unplugged music styles
  • Practical all-in-one design with integrated high-quality sound system
  • Convenient user interface to select instruments and grooves, adjust volume and tempo and more
  • .
  • Seven parallel instrument categories contain a wide variety of sounds, including tambourine, shaker and congas, up to complete drum sets, sound effects, a metronome and more
  • Individual patterns for each instrument category; layers of patterns from all categories possible in realtime
  • .
  • Save up to 50 of your favorite rhythm combos for quick access
  • Control various functions and trigger sounds via optional footswitches
  • Line output for connection to an acoustic guitar amplifier or larger sound system
  • .
  • Aux input for using the DR-01S as a speaker for smartphones and other playback devices
  • .
    *] Operates on six AA batteries or via the included AC adapter .

B]The perfect rhythm partner for acoustic unplugged music

The special thing about acoustic music is that it can be played anywhere - just grab your instrument and off you go. With its convenient user interface, all-in-one design and tasteful grooves, the DR-01S fits seamlessly into any unplugged situation and expands any musical style without disturbing the performance. All kinds of beats and variations can be accessed via dedicated buttons. You can also layer up to seven instruments for unique rhythms and store 50 favorites in the internal memory for quick access. Adjust volume, tempo and time signature with just a few touches and add a pre-counter to keep perfect rhythm right from the start. You can even thread out grooves to end your songs in style.

B]Expressive Percussion Instruments and Grooves

The DR-01S is based on the decades of experience of BOSS and Roland in the development of rhythm machines and sound generators. It contains an enormous variety of authentic percussion sounds, including shaker, maracas, tambourine, congas, bongos, bells, cajon and many more. For rocking jam sessions, Rhythm Partner even offers a complete drum kit with acoustic and electronic sounds. Each instrument category features diverse, expressive grooves created by acoustic percussionists, allowing you to find the perfect organic accompaniment for any unplugged style.

B]Impressive sound in a compact housing

The DR-01S's internal sound system produces a rich and powerful sound that blends seamlessly with the sound of your acoustic instruments. BOSS combines an innovative cabinet design with custom speakers and a highly efficient amplifier to deliver impressive sound in a compact rhythm package. And live on stage, you can easily connect your DR-01S to your acoustic guitar amp or PA system via the line output.

B]Hands-free control via optional footswitches

Although all functions of the DR-01S can be controlled via the user interface, there are situations where it is important to keep both hands on the instrument. By connecting one or two optional footswitches, this is not a problem. Choose from a variety of assignable functions including Start/Stop, Tempo increase/decrease, Tap Tempo, Pattern Variation, and more. Plus, you can trigger virtually any percussion sound on the DR-01S using the footswitches - ideal for creating beats by tapping your foot while you play.


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