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GR Bass

GRBass is a manufacturer of bass amplifiers and cabinets from Monopoli, an idyllic coastal town in the southwest of Italy. The company was founded in 2015 by Gianfranco Rizzi. Gianfranco firmly believes that the sound of an electric bass is both in the hands and mind of the musician, as well as in the instrument itself. Since he wanted to hear and appreciate the individual sound of his electric basses with all its specific shades, he decided that his own perfect bass amplifier had to be absolutely "pure". Therefore, Gianfranco designed an amplifier that features a flat equalizer and can produce an unadulterated sound without amplified bass, scooped mids or sharp highs. A bass amplifier that is capable of producing a pure sound and can only later be processed by the EQ and various filters to suit your own taste. The "Pure Sound" is both his personal philosophy and the first GR Bass amp he designed and built to his own specifications. Many bass players, after trying out his bass amp for a while, found out something they hadn't known before: the true sound of their bass. Since then GRBASS was born. If you too want to know how your instrument sounds, just find out. GR Bass - Pure Sound - Made in Italy.