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Bass Guitars
Brand Dingwall Series
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Sheldon Dingwall, CEO of Dingwall Guitars Saskatoon, Canada is not only a very likeable but also a real pioneer in modern bass construction.
In the 1980s he made the so-called "fanned fret" variant acceptable with the studio bassist Lee Sklar. The frets fan out virtually over the fingerboard, and the resulting different but optimised scale length per string improved the intonation noticeably.
In the 1990s, for example, they were percieved as uncool by the grumpy Grungebands and even in the early 1990s Brit pop bands did not really like them and preferred to stick to their traditional instruments. The Djent movement became more and more popular in the 2010s. Emerging bands tuned deeper and deeper and needed tight low end. Together with Nolly Getgood, the bass player from Periphery, Sheldon Dingwall reworked the NG2 model combustion and the more patient waiting over the years paid off. The Dingwall instruments are now unrivaled and play in their own league.