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Brand Gallien-Krueger Series Legacy

Gallien-Krueger Legacy

The Legacy Series represents the design and innovation experience of Robert Gallien and Richard Krueger since 1968, with founder Bob Gallien still at the helm of the company, working daily in the lab as he did in the beginning to create the best-sounding, most versatile and reliable professional bass amps. The Gallien-Krueger Legancy Series is based on the design of the 800RB introduced in 1980 and also shares the same DNA and level of innovation, but trumps with a more advanced feature set and design concept.

The original 800RB already impressed back then with its characteristic hum, clarity, performance and features that were ahead of its time. The new Gallien-Krueger Legancy Series captures the same aesthetics while adding something very special. From clean, clear, snappy tones to rich overdrive sounds, Legacy bass amps offer everything to make your heart leap for joy.