iCON iStage white

iCON iStage white, MIDI Controller

Item number: 10046225
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MIDI Controller • USB controller for remote control of sequencer DJ software or simply as a drumpad • 3 sets of 4x4 dynamic dynamics • 4x16 pads equipped with 2 color LEDs • 17 Buttons with red LED • 4 different modes for different applications (e. g., DJ, DAW, effects, or drums) • 2-segment LED display • Poti as jog wheel • Freely assignable crossfader • Extremely compact design • Compatible with Windows (up to 7), and Mac OS X (up to Snow Leo) • Power supply via USB • Available in black and white • Optional aluminum cover • The I-Stage is not an ordinary drumpad but a modern controller that has 4 different modes. It can be selected between sequencer, effect, DJ and drum mode and thus offers a multitude of creative possibilities to control corresponding software.