Hughes & Kettner Tubeman II

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman II, Guitar Effect

Item number: 3230033
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Preamp • Tube-Driven 3-Channel Guitar Recording Preamp and DI • Tube pre-amp with 12AX7 tube • 3-Band EQ • Red Box DI speaker simulation • Robust steel enclosure • The Hughes & Kettner Tubeman II guitar recording station preamp and DI features three channels: clean, crunch, and lead. Clean channel 1 just has volume. Dirty channel 2 has volume and gain. Lead channel 3 has volume, gain and voicing. Its speaker simulation has been upgraded to the Red Box Pro. 3-band EQ and a voicing control in channel 3. It performs channel switches instantly and free of clicks, and has output both to the mixer and to a power amp.
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