Hohner Super 64

Hohner Super 64, Chromatic Harmonica

Item number: 100000555
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Chromatic Harmonica • Key: C • Tuning: Major • Number of reeds: 64 • Coverplate finishing: Polished stainless steel • Body material: Plastic • Reed plate material: Brass • Reed plate thickness: 1,05 mm • Length: approx 19,3 cm • Special Features: Silverplated mouthpiece • Accessories: Hard case • Hohner Super 64 C Chromatic harmonica Similar in construction and specifications to the 280 model, the Super 64 features a silver-plated mouthpiece for smooth action and an enclosed stainless steel cover design that provides a warm, resonant tone. Features: Plastic comb 1.05mm C major Reeds: 64 Complete 12-note octaves with all the sharps and flats can be played on a Chromatic Harmonica. Each single hole contains four reeds; a blow reed and a draw reed for two natural notes as well as a blow reed and a draw reed for two chromatic notes. A side sliding button is pushed to activate the chromatic notes, which closes off the airflow from one set of reeds and enables the other set to vibrate. All Hohner chromatics except the Koch and Slide Harp are solo tuned, meaning each group of four holes covers a complete octave.