Hohner Student 32 blau

Hohner Student 32 blau, Melodica

Item number: 100042917
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Melodica • Keys: 32 keys • Pitch Range: f - c´´´ • Body material: Plastic • Colour / Finish: Blue • Accessories: Hardcase • With the Student 32 Melodica Hohner has extended his product range in the area of beginner and learners instruments and created a new brand in the price-performance-ratio of name-brand meldodicas. Their handy and practical play is extended by the possibility to play the instrument lying down. Fixed in a sturdy case the opened cover is good as a note-stand. Hohner Melodicas For several years the melodica is used by music teachers thanks to its easy playability and learnability. It is good for developing musicality and shows a positive beginner success.

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